Leather has fascinated people for thousands of years. But before you can sink into a comfortable leather seat, the rawhide has to go through a lot of work – both in treatment and production.

We’re expert at all aspects of both processes, thanks in no small part to the proficiency and experience our own tannery in Bosnia and Herzegovina and of Lederfabrik Mattighofen.

And if we’re not only able to satisfy important customer requirements such as durability, colour choice and dirt resistance, but also able to protect the environment at the same time, then naturally we have the satisfaction of a job well done.

Overview of our leather production

seat covers, headrests, instrument panels, steering wheels, handbrake handles, door centre panels, door centre consoles, grasp handles, door armrests, bellows, gear knobs, soft pads

Visoko (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mattighofen, Mureck (Austria)


ISO TS 16949

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