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  • Mobility. Comfort to go.
    We make the path feel much more like the goal.

Mobility by Prevent Group.

To the station by car. To the airport by train. On holiday by plane. And then on board the yacht. These days mobility is increasing at a stupendous rate. We have accompanied this trend since our company was first founded with a continually expanding spectrum of products – from car seat covers, train and airplane seat covers to our victorious sailing boats. Our strength lies in the sheer diversity of our expertise, which we constantly recombine in order to develop innovative products. In this way our sailing boats profit from our know-how in plastics processing, our train seats from our decade-long commitment to seating comfort and from our materials expertise. Because ultimately, everything is about finding the ideal balance between comfort and quality teamed with flexibility and efficiency.

Seat covers.

That sit and sit and sit.

Our seat covers unite quality, design and efficiency.
We produce textile and leather seat covers for more than two million new vehicles each year. After a very short time the vehicles no longer look brand new, whereas our seat covers retain their form and comfort unchanged. To make this possible, we throw everything we have into one melting pot: a decades-long craftsmanship tradition, the latest production facilities, selected materials, innovative developers, designers who know their stuff, as well as highly qualified manufacturing workers, precise processes and protective storage facilities.


Welcome to the comfort zone.

Climb in and feel good – time and time again.
That’s only possible if all the senses are satisfied by a harmonious whole: forms, materials, smell, surfaces. The knob on a gearshift should be as much a part of the overall impression as a storage compartment or a console. Everything is one – that is the promise we make based on our expertise in the production and processing of a diverse range of materials and our knowledge of functionality, durability and series production capacity. We deliver on our promise by working in close cooperation with our customers in strategic partnerships from an early stage of development.



Seat structures.

Full backing.

We give seats the backbone they need.
If a seat structure doesn’t hold its shape, the problem isn’t a loss of form, it’s a safety issue. On the other hand, every gram counts in today’s market. So even the seat structures have to be weighed up. Our solutions combine both: We can work cold-rolled and hot-rolled strips, coated sheets, high-strength special steels, stainless steel and aluminium in multi-stage forming processes. We are experts at every stage of producing metal system assemblies, structural parts and complete systems for the body-in-white, from technical development, through precise punching, pressing and welding, to EPD coatings and fully automated assembly – including safety parts subject to mandatory documentation. This provides strength.


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