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A moment of calm amidst the storm

When comfort can be felt with all five senses, a sense of calm returns to you in an instant. With us, mobility becomes a pleasure.

Sit back and relax

Today, mobility is a fundamental requirement and basic expectation – in every form. We contribute toward making road, rail and air mobility as comfortable and as efficient as possible. We supply seat covers, metal structures, plastic parts and a whole range of other key components. Many of the companies in Prevent Group that are engaged in mobility are based in south-east Europe. Since 2018, they have operated under the name Prevent Central and Eastern Europe d.o.o. (Prevent CEE), which represents a central interface for a whole range of competences.

Seat covers

Putting you in the driving seat

The seat cover is the first impression you have of any seat – no matter which means of transport you are using. Which is why form and function must go hand in hand even after a sustained period of intensive use. We offer the entire process of seat cover production in all materials from textiles to Alcantara and leather: including selecting, manufacturing and processing raw materials, stylish design, contemporary colour schemes, precise cuts, and tidy, durable seams.


Every cut sits perfectly

Exact cuts are key to making seat covers that fit like a glove and remain a pleasure to sit on for years to come. Our highly qualified cutters ensure that every cut and punch sits perfectly, whether made with digital help or entirely by hand. This precision guarantees optimum use of materials, minimal wastage and ideal preconditions for the next stage of processing.


Competence all stitched up

Skilfully made seams withstand the toughest of stresses and strains. A closer look will reveal the real craftsmanship of our sewers. Each and every seam, from a simple connecting seam, finished seam, decorative or French seam, has its own particular function and aesthetic.


A free ride for all materials

One of our greatest strengths is the sheer diversity of materials we manufacture and process. Thanks to our saddlery roots, leather has always been our hereditary forte. We continue to optimise our leather producing and processing abilities. At the same time, we have expanded our materials competence and can now handle almost any material from leather and textiles to plastics, wood and metal, offering them in almost any conceivable combination.


Leather until the cows come home

We offer all qualities of raw and grain leather from embossed or split leather to bonded or perforated leather. The carefully selected hides are tanned in a vegetable, mineral or chemical process. Then, after meticulous chemical, physical and microbiological analysis, they are passed on for further processing.

Leather is used for much more than car seat covers. In fact, the majority of leather we process for the automotive, rail and aviation industries is used for components such as arm rests, head rests and handbrake handles. Here we frequently introduce special expertise from other competence fields such as lamination, for example.


We weave magic for you

Textiles are the multi-talents of materials. They exhibit an immense diversity of structures, colours and haptic properties. This results in an almost endless variety of designs and applications, including customised property profiles if, for example, durability or flammability are of particular importance. We offer all production methods from weaving and knitting to warp-knitting, all finishing processes such as embossing and shearing, as well as the entire textile processing portfolio from cutting and sewing to flame and adhesive lamination. All this makes us an established name in textiles for everything from seat covers, head rests, column, door and ceiling panelling to rear parcel shelves.

Metal parts

Safe and stable in everyday and emergency situations

Whether safety-critical metal parts such as brake disks, brake drums and steering wheels, or even transmission parts – we offer complete production and processing of all types of metal.

Cast parts

Cast and steadfast

In our cutting-edge facilities, we produce transmission, engine and brake parts for major OEMs under the most economical conditions of series production – even for the smallest runs. From CAD construction, moulding, casting and CNC processing to precise controlling, we not only fulfil the most stringent quality requirements according to ISO TS16949, but also take environmental considerations into account – such as the use of recycled raw materials, strict energy management and waste prevention.

Brake components

Shortcut between braking action and braking distance

Founded in 1954 in Jelah, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FAD specialises in metal structures and supplied a major US agricultural machinery manufacturer, followed by TAS and Volkswagen. FAD has been part of Prevent Group since 2003. The company is certified according to ISO TS 16949:2009 and employs around 160 employees, producing something in the region of five million brake disks and brake drums per annum in a 6,000 m2 production area – including surface finishing and meticulous quality control.


Plastic fantastic

Plastics are economical to produce. They can be used for all sorts of applications, are easy to process and, depending on their composition, offer a programmable property profile from lightweight to high resilience. We produce and process plastics of all kinds, as well as synthetic mixes such as polypropylene, polyamide, thermoplastics, polyester. All in different production variants, such as injection moulding, continuous casting and foam. As a result, we can build safe and lightweight child seat shells and ski lift seats as well as vehicle dashboards. Not forgetting seat cushions for road vehicles, rail and plane.