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Cleverly combined competences

Competences can be expanded and combined. Taking us – and you – to new frontiers.


Exciting new hybrids in every direction

Our Specials business field demonstrates how combining our competences outside our main business fields results in a wealth of new possibilities: globally accredited sailing yachts, leading medical and sanitary products, high-quality cables. In all these fields, in-depth know-how, a strong sense of responsibility and first-class quality are in strong demand.

Salona Yachts

Delivering a watertight argument

The Adriatic town of Solin (Salona in Italian) in Croatia has a long history of shipbuilding stretching back into antique times. Here they know how to take the handling, performance and comfort of a yacht to new dimensions. When in 2007 we introduced our knowledge of plastics processing and finishing into the 2002-founded Salona Yachts, success was swift to follow: in the very same year our first yacht, the Salona 37, was voted Boat of the Year in the US and in Europe. Since then our portfolio of motorboats and yachts has grown – together with the number of awards and regattas they have won.

Protective clothing

Helping safeguard jobs

The faster and more challenging a work environment becomes, the more crucial it is to integrate the human element optimally. This means work conditions that guarantee a high measure of safety – including high-quality protective workwear. For over 35 years, we have developed, designed and produced a whole spectrum of protective helmets, glasses and gloves for all types of use to welding gaiters, safety shoes, safety belts and overalls. We always employ cutting-edge production processes, incorporating the latest scientific findings into a high degree of comfort and an attractive design.


In case of worst-case scenarios

The markets for medical, sanitary and hygiene products are to a large extent standardised with consistently high quality requirements across the board. With our long-term know-how and modern production processes, we are Bosnia and Herzegovina’s leading producer in these fields, and a reliable supplier to global name brands. Now more than half our portfolio from gauzes, bandages and plasters to first-aid kits is destined for the export market.


One bright spark

Since the acquisition of 1979-founded TKT, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s only cable manufacturer is also part of Prevent Group. From our location in Tomislavgrad, we supply the German and Austrian markets as well as other European markets with installation cables for small electrical, industrial and household appliances, high-voltage copper and aluminium cables, and self-supporting cable bundles. From pressing to insulation and stranding, we fulfil all quality and safety norms in accordance with ISO, VDE, OVE, SIQ and other relevant standards.